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  • Acquisitions & Divestitures Hero

    Acquisitions & Divestitures

    Spence and Nicholson

    Emerson has acquired the Spence and Nicholson steam technology product lines from Circor International (NYSE: CIR). The acquisition complements Emerson’s broad portfolio of steam system solutions for process industries and commercial buildings.

    Advanced Engineering Valves

    Emerson has acquired Advanced Engineering Valves (A.E. Valves), a leading manufacturer of innovative?valve technology that helps LNG customers operate more efficiently. This will enable Emerson,?a global leader in?automation solutions?and technology, to provide its customers with the world’s broadest portfolio of?valves?to improve process performance and reliability.

    Intelligent Platforms

    Emerson?acquired Intelligent Platforms, a division of General Electric. Intelligent Platforms’ programmable logic controller (PLC) technologies enable Emerson, a leader in automation for process and industrial applications, to provide its customers broader control and management of their operations.


    Emerson?announced it has acquired Aventics from Triton for a cash purchase price of €527 million. ?Aventics is among the global leaders in smart pneumatics technologies that power machine and factory automation applications.? Emerson is a leader in fluid automation technologies for process and industrial applications, and Aventics significantly expands the Company’s reach in this growing $13 billion market.

    Tools & Test

    Emerson has acquired the Tools and Test Equipment (Tools & Test) business of Textron?for $810 million. Tools & Test is a leading manufacturer of electrical and utility tools, diagnostics, and test and measurement instruments with strong global distribution and highly respected brands, including Greenlee and Klauke. The acquisition, joined with Emerson’s Ridge Tool Company, creates a global $1 billion professional tools business with the broadest offering for mechanical, electrical and plumbing contractors.?

    ProSys, Inc.

    Emerson has acquired ProSys Inc., a global supplier of software and services that increase production and safety for the chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and refining industries. By building intuitive processes for plant operators, these solutions make everything from everyday operations to responding during abnormal situations easier.


    Emerson has agreed to acquire Cooper-Atkins, a leading manufacturer of temperature management and environmental measurement devices and wireless monitoring solutions for foodservice, healthcare and industrial markets.?Cooper-Atkins is a strong complement to Emerson’s global cold chain business, which includes the ProAct? Services portfolio for supermarkets and the Cargo Solutions business, which provides real-time perishable cargo tracking and monitoring services.?


    Paradigm, joined with Emerson’s existing Roxar software business, creates a best-in-class, end-to-end Exploration & Production (E&P) software portfolio with offerings spanning seismic processing and interpretation to production modeling. Paradigm’s technology offerings will enable Emerson to better help oil and gas operators increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve return on investment.

    GeoFields, Inc.

    The acquisition of GeoFields helps to further position Emerson as a comprehensive solutions provider for pipeline operations management. Emerson’s extensive portfolio of pipeline solutions for the oil and gas industry includes pipeline and terminal enterprise commercial management solutions, operations management software, pipeline modeling and leak detection, SCADA systems, corrosion and erosion monitoring, valve and control solutions, flow metering and measurement technologies.

    PakSense and Locus Traxx

    The acquisitions of Locus Traxx and PakSense complement our existing Commercial & Residential Solutions portfolio, and enable us to further our leadership in cold chain management and fresh food monitoring. Investing in these businesses expands our technology and services and helps to address the high-stakes need of customers in the agriculture, transport and retail industries to provide safe and consistent fresh food monitoring.

    Pentair Valves & Controls

    The Pentair Valves & Controls business expands our automation portfolio and enhances our position as an industry leader in control, isolation, pressure relief valves and actuation. With a large base in industries including chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, power, and others, we have positioned our businesses to grow and provide customers with more complete solutions to their toughest challenges. ?

    Network Power (Vertiv)

    In August 2016, we announced the sale of the Network Power business to Platinum Equity and a group of co-investors. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the company is a leading provider of thermal management, A/C and D/C power, transfer switches, services and information management systems for the data center and telecommunications industries.?Network Power is rebranding as Vertiv and will operate as a stand-alone global enterprise in Platinum Equity’s portfolio.?

    Leroy-Somer and Control Techniques

    In August 2016, we announced the sale of the Leroy-Somer and Control Techniques business units. The divestiture serves as another step in Emerson’s strategic repositioning to restructure and align our business for long-term growth.?

    Investor Resources

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