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  • Our Brands Bring Technology and Engineering Together

    We are driven without compromise for a world in action. ?Look to our brand portfolio to create innovative solutions for the benefit of our customers.


    A global manufacturer of high-quality thermometers, timers and wireless monitoring solutions for the foodservice, food processing, industrial HVAC and healthcare markets.


    Commercial and residential compressors for air conditioning, refrigeration, electronics and other applications.


    A world leader in the electronic regulation and control of energy-efficient air conditioning, heating and refrigeration.?


    From melting ice on roofs to keeping pipes from freezing, de-icing sidewalks to warming floors, EasyHeat high performance heating products efficiently and safely deliver heat in residential and commercial applications.


    A world-class producer of glass-to-metal feedthroughs, connectors, precision metal products and related components.


    Greenlee? has been elevating the industry standards through delivering innovative products and solutions to drive efficiencies and improve safety to meet the demands and needs of our customers.


    An organics recycling system that diverts food waste from landfills by converting it into renewable energy.

    HD Electric Company

    HD Electric manufactures test, measurement, safety and control solutions for high voltage power applications.


    The world’s largest manufacturer of garbage disposals and instant hot water dispensers for home and commercial use.


    Klauke is renowned for its high-quality, electrical connection technology and tools for crimping, cutting and punching.


    With over 100 years of experience in outfitting electrical infrastructure, O-Z/Gedney electrical products ensure reliable and durable installations to help process our food, clean our water, generate our power and get us safely from place to place.


    Monitoring solutions for retailers, conveniences stores, and refrigerated transportation.


    Ergonomic commercial backpack vacuums, canisters and HEPA vacuums designed to clean more in less time.


    Professionals trust RIDGID tools to work in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments.

    RIDGID Software Solutions

    RIDGID Software Solutions is made up of talented and diverse developers ready to tackle customer challenges regardless of the platforms involved.


    Wi-Fi thermostats built around a smart phone app that provides total control, no matter where you are. ?


    A global leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of a broad range of temperature sensors and controls.


    State-of-the-art energy management solutions for hospitality, education and other commercial properties.


    A complete line of reciprocating, single-screw and twin-screw compressors for industrial refrigeration and gas compression.?


    A full line of innovative heating and cooling controls with more than 75 years of expertise behind them.?


    Vacuum solutions for house, garage and basement, messy car cleanup and big immediate jobs requiring wet or dry power.

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