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  • Branson Custom Tooling

    Branson Custom Tooling

    To optimize your welding or joining process, turn to Branson’s team of tooling experts.

    Tools for All Your Joining Needs

    Branson is the worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacturing of plastic and metal joining technologies. Using the industry best practice of Finite Element Analysis, our engineers analyze the most crucial factors to design tooling with the best possible combination of acoustical and mechanical properties.

    Branson Horns for Ultrasonic Tooling


    For most acoustic tooling applications, these Branson standard horns can be successfully incorporated (right off the shelf) with no modifications needed. They are available in the following configurations: stepped, catenoidal, exponential, rectangular or “bar,” circular (solid or hollow), plus tapped horns with threaded tips. ?


    We also stock numerous horn blanks (raw stock machined to a specific size and shape, but longer than necessary) that can be final machined and tuned to your exact specifications. We have digitizing capability for contoured parts. In addition, you can order composite horns, vacuum horns, horns with nodal-mounted devices and full-wavelength horns.?


    When you have a specialized or unique application, Branson can develop horns to fit your needs. For example, we have designed horns up to 650 mm long, composite horns and horns with various coatings — ranging from Teflon to Tungsten Carbide hard surfaces. And we test your custom horn in our applications lab free of charge.

    Tooling for Laser Welding

    In our patented laser welding process, laser energy passes through one plastic component and is absorbed by a second, heating and melting both simultaneously. As force is applied, the parts are joined. Used for high-volume applications and to allow more flexible part design.

    Tooling for Clean Vibration Technology (CVT)

    Clean Vibration Technology combines infrared and vibration processes, offering more options and applications for smart molding-joint design for 3D parts and more. Branson’s innovative technology incorporates localized broadband infrared preheating into the vibration weld tooling.

    Spin Welding

    Tooling for Other Joining Techniques

    In addition to ultrasonic, laser and CIT, Branson offers tooling across other joining technologies for your application needs, including:

    • Thermal Processing
    • Spin Welding
    • Infrared Welding
    • Hot Plate Welding
    • Vibration Welding
    Global Leader in Custom Welding Solutions

    The Global Leader in Custom Welding Solutions

    Branson’s global resources and advanced application labs are ready for your most challenging material joining applications.

    Visit Branson
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